Why do I need Health Insurance?

Original post page. Yes, you heard me right, you need to have Health Insurance in order to secure your tomorrow. You need it because no one knows what tomorrow may bring. No one wants to have an illness, but because the world is changing and climate change also, it affects our physical condition and also our health. It is already June here in Aomori and we expect summer is coming, but still the coldness of the past we can still experience. The colder days are longer compared to last year. That proves that our climate change. We can’t know our future I believe, but we could do something in the present to secure it. Health Insurance secures our future trouble by investing today.  It saves us from the trouble of paying more than we could handle. Our body is our greatest possession, our health is our greatest wealth. I would like to suggest to you, apply now and secure your future. It may be health insurance, accident or fire insurance. We may not change the world, but we can change our destiny. Dance before the music is over. Live before your life is over. Please consult us about insurance. Consultation is free! Insurance agency SOJITU.

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