Invitation policy

Sojitu Co., Ltd., “Regarding sales of financial products Based on the “Law” , we set out the policy for soliciting financial products as an insurance agency as follows.
※ For the outline of “Law Concerning Sales of Financial Instruments, etc.”, please refer to the Financial Services Agency website About the Law Concerning Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments Please refer to.

  1. Insurance Law, Insurance Business Law, Law concerning the sale etc. of financial products,Consumer Contract Law, We will comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information and other various laws and regulations, and strive for appropriate insurance sales. (* For protection of personal information, please see Privacy policy page).
  2. We will encourage students to acquire knowledge, study the method of explanation, and make efforts to make it easy to understand so that customers can fully understand the product contents.
  3. Take into consideration comprehensively the knowledge, experience, property situation and purchasing purpose etc. of customers’ products, and explain the customer’s intention and actual circumstances so that customers can select appropriate products We will strive.
  4. For investment goods that are greatly affected by market trends, we will make efforts to properly explain the contents of risks.
  5. In consideration of time zone, place, method, etc. from customer’s point of view when considering the sale of goods.
  6. We handle information about customers properly and strictly.
  7. We will strive constantly to gather various opinions and opinions from customers and strive constantly to reflect them in insurance sales.
  8. In the event that an insurance accident occurs, we will make efforts to give appropriate advice when requesting insurance claims.
  9. From the viewpoint of preventing illegal acquisition of insurance money, we will strive to appropriately sell products, such as determining an enemy insurance amount.