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Welcome to Japan.

Japan is well known for being a very safe, clean, and well-organized country, life here of course is not completely risk-free.

There are many distinctive lifestyles and cultural differences between Japan and your home country.

Depending on these differences, you may be involved in some economic losses and accidents.

(Please read "English Guide for Foreigners on Risk and Insurance for Safe and Comfortable Living". - The General Insurance Association of Japan)

Even foreign nationality(non-Japanese nationality) can join insurance of a Japanese insurance company if certain requirements are satisfied.

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Types of insurance

When classifying insurance types, it can be divided into "Life insurance" in the first field and "General insurance" in the second field.

"Life insurance" is the insurance that the insurance is paid to when he dies.

"General insurance" is the insurance that is compensated for when property is damaged.

"Life insurance" of the field of first includes an old-age insurance, whole life insurance, personal pension insurance, a pure endowment.

"General insurance" of the second field include fire insurance, automobile insurance, earthquake insurance, maritime insurance.

In addition, following the field of first and the second field, the insurance of the third field was enacted as "Medical insurance".

The insurance of the third field includes accident insurance, medical insurance, private nursing care insurance, cancer insurance.

Because there is various types of insurance when I distribute it finely, let's choose the insurance that we put together as the life stage of the visitor.

<Life insurance> :
Life insurance is the insurance that the insurance is paid to when he dies.

Life insurance image.

Life insurance is the insurance that death benefit is left for to a family at the time of emergency.

If the central pillar of the family in particular dies, the family loses an economical base of the life afterwards and loses the roadside.

It is necessary to secure cost of living and educational expenses so that a left family is not troubled.

A role for such a risk is life insurance (death security).

I can possess it by savings to prepare for a risk, but only an amount of money that collected ache in the thing that saved money at hand and may not be enough.

In that respect, the point where the insurance can receive the full amount of the insurance that but I contracted anytime just after participation is a big difference.

As a person with a few savings on hand, insurance is reliable for a family.

<General insurance> :
General insurance is the insurance that is compensated for when property is damaged.

General insurance image.

Insurance for time when a person dies as for the life insurance and was hospitalized with an injury and a disease.

In contrast, an insurance against loss is insurance to include for an accident and the damage of the property such as a thing or the household effects such as a car and the house.

I set the how to decide of the insurance in a price and the value of a thing becoming a target of the insurance in the insurance against loss to compensate for an expense depending on the damage such as the sudden accident or disaster as a general rule unlike the life insurance that I can set freely in total.

The life insurance must decide how much security is necessary in oneself in consideration of various elements, but, as for the insurance against loss, what I can smoothen relatively features a procedure of the participation to contract with it in a constant range and standard in total.

<Main kind of General insurance>

Automobile insurance・Fire insurance・Earthquake insurance・Accident insurance・Personal liability insurance・etc

<Medical insurance> :
With the medical insurance, there is accident insurance, medical insurance, private nursing care insurance, cancer insurance.

Medical inshurance image.

When I am hospitalized with a disease and an injury suddenly, medical insurance is insurance guaranteeing about the medical care such as hospitalization or the operation.

A hospitalization benefit is paid according to the hospitalization days, and a type to guarantee about it if operated on becomes the general basic contract (the main contract).

I appear in the type to be able to receive the large amount of lump sums such as shares from a model for hospitalization and one-day hospitalization for a short term on 5th of the hospitalization benefit to guarantee from getting and back in a day about the hospitalization.

The operation has a type varying in payment magnification including several times of the hospitalization benefit by the flat type for all kinds and the kind of the operation.

In addition to the main contract that is a basic contract of the insurance, the way of the contract to do a part to be worried about by a special contract carefully is common.

Company Profile

'Sojitu' means 'blue sky' in Japanese.

"Sojitu" means "blue sky" in Japanese.
The insurance agency Sojitu will deliver a blue sky to the lives of you and your family!

We will support the selection of the best insurance products for you and propose insurance plans to satisfy you.

In addition, consultation with troubles in daily life other than insurance is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

We are aiming for your best supporter !

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About insurance we handle

<General insurance companies>

  • Rakuten General Insurance
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
  • AIG General Insurance

<Life insurance companies>

  • ORIX Life Insurance
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance
  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance
  • Asahi Life Insurance
  • Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life Insurance
  • Medicare Life Insurance
  • Manulife Life Insurance
  • T&D Financial Life Insurance

<Insurance products>

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Cancer insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Voluntary automobile insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • etc.

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Insurance agency SOJITU
5-10-1 Honcho, Aomori-shi, Aomori

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English speaking staff.

Edmil Isaiah Boniog

Edmil Isaiah Boniog at your service as your Insurance Adviser.
Offering our best Insurance Policies that will be suitable for your personal needs.
Life is hard and uncertain; it is more better to have someone whom you could rely and trust.

(Edmil Isaiah Boniog Handang mag lingkod sainyo bilang tagapag payo patungkol sa Kasiguruhan. Nag bibigay ng pinaka magandang uri ng Kasiguruhan na aangkop para sa iyong pangangailangan. Mahirap ang buhay at walang kasiguruhan; mas mainam na meron kang maasahan at masasandalan.)

CSR activities

Illustration of the activity to protect children

As part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, Sojitu is a "Children's 110 Insurance Agency" deployed by the The General Insurance Agency Association of Japan(SONPO) and the 47 prefectures General insurance agency associations nationwide We are registering at.

Through this activity, we will mutually cooperate with police, local residents, school officials, etc. to support "creating an environment where children can live safely" and actively continue social contribution activities closely tied to the community.

※ "110" is Japanese emergency police telephone number.